Plateau partagé #1: Vergegnung/Begegnung

---Contemporary Circus & Dance, Exposition & Installation---

BRUX - freies Theater Innsbruck: 13. & 14th of December 2019 - Doors open: 19:00

The works shown are located at inbetween contemporary circus, dance and performance.

The coming together of Austrian young artists within the framework of the Plateau Paratagé shows the audience an extended perspective of cross-sectoral work in the same.

The piece La Discussion - Das Gespräch by Lola Atger & Verena Schneider, a French-Austrian collaboration in the field of contemporary circus & dance fills the main program of the evening.

The artist and circus artist Florinda Fürst and the dancer and circus artist Flow Berger create the accompanying evening program. The evenings are accompanied by an exhibition, which also deals with the term encounter.

The exhibition, designed by Alexander Iwanov and Martina Stapf, forms a space for thought and is sketched together by the artists using simple means. Opening hours: Before and after the performances, the exhibition is freely accessible to the public.

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La Discussion/Das Gespräch

---Contemporary Dance & Circus---

Skulpturenpark Kramsach: 31 th of August 2019 - 19: 30

Skulpturenpark Kramsach serves us as stage and place of experimentation for the performance La Discussion, which celebrates its premiere in the Dschungel_Wien at the beginning of September. With this side - specific performance, which takes place between and with the sculptures 'Container der Willkür' (Alois Schild, International Film Festival Innsbruck 2018), and the sculpture 'Stairway to Heaven', the creative phase will come to an end.

Subvention: Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

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La Discussion / Das Gespräch (FR/AT)

---Contemporary Dance & Circus---

Dschungel_Wien: 6 &7. September 2019 - 19:30

Premiere: 6. September

Choreographie  & Performer: Lola Atger, Verena Schneider

Mentor & Outside Eye: Marion Bati

Light & Scenografie: Louise Julien

Music creation: Charles Sagnet 


Co-Production: Freifall, Cie N / C

Subvention:  BKA - Austria, DRAC France (Creation en Cours 2018)



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