First steps have been down this year - celebrating 1 year

New steps to go 2020 - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020:

Kuchen für 8 

Performance / Music / Exposition

Boundaries are shifted between exhibition, music and performance, one merges into the other in an evening program.

The smallest piece of cake may be auctioned at the end. For this purpose, the large room of the bread factory is experienced and played in parallel, interlockingly.


Alpine Dweller, a mixture of experimental folk and avant-garde pop, delight us with acoustic sounds and decorate the opening for Kuchen für 8.

Florinda Fürst marks the first performative act with her Roue Cyr. With this circus device, which requires circular movements, you open a dance performance of approx. 60 minutes, which, inspired by images & texts by Robert Zhao Renhui, also plays with the elements of the contemporary circus.

In conclusion, Olgas Boris tells us stories from today and yesterday: from being unable to follow anything to lying on the floor, everything is allowed.

Pillows and blankets are of course available. Large pictures of Martina Stapf standing at the end of the room, form a visual constant within this moving spectacle, as well lightened framed by Franzi Kreis.


End of the evening with drinks & finger food.



Kuchen für 8, one evening: exhibition / music / performance


Exhibition: Franzi Kreis & Martina Stapf

Music: Alpine Dweller & Olgas Boris

Performance: Bernadette Leitner, Florinda Fürst, Verena Schneider, Simon Kummer, Lena Schattenberg

Production & Organisation: Verena Schneider, Martina Stapf

Still looking for sponsoring and donations for the event!!!


January 24, 2020          Entry: 19:30.             Start: around 8:00 p.m.                       End: approx. 10 p.m



Absberggasse 27

1100 Vienna


Entery Fee: 8 €



Tel.: +43 681 20 63 29 29

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