Cie Kumquat: 

Cie Kumquat is a France based contemporary circus company, having and interdisciplinary approach with the main focus on circus. 

Project:  Hallo Ich Bin hier (Creation 2021)


The project Hallo Ich bin hier (HIBH)  is  a collaboration between the Toulouse-based collective Kumquat and the Viennese based association Freifall.

It is a creation project that is accompanied by mediation in the form of workshops and the organization of KreativLabs in Austria and France.

The creation will be accompanied over two years.

The KreativLabs are intended to bring together contemporary circus artists, dancers and visual artists, as well as to promote exchanges and new ideas. 

Collaboration AT/FR

Exchange, mediation and training artists and public in terms of an interdisciplinary contemporary circus approach. 

In terms of an european comparison France has developed a bright contemporary circus culture.

So every country, culture has his own strong points.

We want to develop exchange to create more openness and artistic freedom and choices, both for audience and artists.

We are therefore looking for places and institutions that are interested in participating in such a project.

Different variants (packages) can be implemented.

It can be a purely technical workshop, as well as other creative workshops coupled with a performance, KreativLab etc.




Tel.: +43 681 20 63 29 29

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