Im Gegenüber: (Working Title)

Research 2020

Creation 2021



The project

The project is an interdisciplinary project in which the artists Verena Schneider and Martina Stapf work together in different phases & are in a dialogue (medium, exchange).

Verena's performance approach moves between contemporary circus and dance aesthetics.

Martina's project focuses on photographic objects and creates an exhibition series.

The exhibition series developed by Stapf is in mad in response Schneider’s creation.

Another connection is the materials used. 


Based on the basic idea that body and space are in a constant relationship to each other and that there is always communication on several levels between these two elements, the focus of this work is on the performing body in the city, because it is global and mainly capitalist.The influenced body becomes the center and the duality is addressed as a recurring theme: seeing / being seen, inside / outside, etc.

Working as reflection and practice for your own being: More awareness of what drives us and makes who and what we are and want to be. For fear and / but also to break old patterns, to practice & possibly to dream of a utopia. Practice being human.


Im_Gegenüber is an interdisciplinary project, which is constructed in different steps and formats. 



-Video Installation

Past: Stadtlabor Floridsdorf: 'Im_Gegenüber' - About love for inconsistency' 

Coming: 'Im_Gegenüber - About seeing in the Tangible'

Contact & Booking: 

Performance from & by: Verena Schneider

Video: Verena Schneider & Martina Stapf

Photografie: Martina Stapf

Exhibition: Martina Stapf

Scenographie Help & Costume: Sarah Sternat

Productionassistance: Annina Kriechbaum

Collaborating circus artists: Florinda Fürst




Tel.: +43 681 20 63 29 29

Foto Credit: Martina Stapf & Franzi Kreis

(c) Freifall 2020

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