We are all friends and artists here! And we work together at Freifall. Our aims are  cross-divisional actions and creations, as well as funding interdisciplinary projects - especially with a focus on contemporary dance, contemporary circus, visual arts and music. With that vision we mostly organize events, performances, exhibitions, get together and organise workshops.
The goal of all of these things are connection, visualization, firendship and networking of artists and their concepts. The coming together of artists and cultural workers from different backgrounds disciplines should be promoted and various formats representative and educational art to be established in Austria. Freifall participates in international collaborations, especially between France and Austria. 

Want to become part of the team? - Don’t be shy & get in touch at freifall.office@gmail.com




e-mail: freifall.office@gmail.com

Tel.: +43 681 20 63 29 29

Foto Credit: Martina Stapf & Franzi Kreis

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